International Volunteer Academy (IVAcademy) - dedicated to enhancing the lives of the people (happy people–happy world)

1.1.        Name:  “International Volunteer Academy” (IVAcademy) in English.

1.2.        Language:  The official languages are English, Russian and Korean and they should enjoy equal status.  In case of discrepancy, unless otherwise stated, the English version shall be referred to.

1.3.        Logo:  The official logo of the IVAcademy is:

1.0.1 Web site

2.1. Vision: IVAcademy is an international forerunner of young leaders who transform the world to be a global family under God, a powerful force in meeting common global challenges and opportunities

Our students will perform at a level that surpasses or is equal to their ability in all areas of achievement. We will promote high expectations for students in all areas: academic, moral, physical and spiritual. In a fiscally responsible manner, we will commit the resources necessary to establish and maintain:

•A respectful, caring, and safe environment.

•Research-based, student focused instruction.

•Incorporation of the Gods principles on how to serve the world.

•A focused and challenging curriculum.

•Collaboration focused on improving student learning

•An active partnership with parents.

2.2.        Mission

IVAcademy is an international online-based organization that raises young leaders of character who live for the greater good and build a worldwide culture of true love.

We work to build a better world by strengthening and improving the IVAcademy through the engagement of people who share a global mindset and support international cooperation–global citizens.

-          We strive for personal excellence through challenging our limitations and practicing a principled lifestyle.

-          We believe that enduring relationships, based on the model of true family, will build toward lasting peace within the larger community and the world.

-          Through serving the people, we advocate and develop moral, ethical relationships in preparation for family life and career.

IVAcademy mission includes providing a nurturing environment, offering quality education, internship and volunteer’s placements that is supported by a strong foundation of Gods wisdom principles and universal shared values; equipping students to become leaders, businessman’s, inventors or simple good people to positively influence the world.

Section 3     Core values

 3.1.       Living for the Greater Good

3.2.        Ownership

3.3.        Teamwork

3.4.        Dream Big

Section 4                            Objectives

4.1.        To organize and participate in conferences, expos, fairs, markets, shows, business clubs, business incubators,  inventors laboratories, festivals, media stations, sports, trainings, seminars, master classes – various projects that enable friendly exchanges among youth,college or university students in various countries throughout the world.

4.2.        To organize activities aimed at promoting a commitment to purity and a healthy lifestyle among young people.

4.3.        To organize activities aimed at inspiring young people with hope, ideals, and passion for life based on understanding of universal principles and a commitment to service.

4.4.        To organize leadership-training programs aimed at giving young people the skills to organize, facilitate and manage activities among their peers.

4.5.        To organize practical service projects and businesses for the benefit of the local community.

4.6.        To organize business and fundraising activities that accord with our mission and objectives.

4.7 To organize internship and volunteer placements worldwide-globally.

4.8 To organize activities aimed at promoting unity of science and religions.

What we believe

We believe that peoples’ involvement in all levels of local, national and global decision-making is essential in order to achieve God original plan for this world:  humankind as one family under God.

IVAcademy is a place for young people to discover their God given talents and practice it by volunteering or intern for their future happy life, business and career.

Section 5                            Membership

5.1.        Any IVAcademy member who agrees with our Vision, Mission, Core Values and Objectives is eligible to be a member of the IVAcademy.

5.1.1.     Full Membership – all undergraduates shall be Full Members of the Association.

5.1.2.     Graduate Membership – all graduates who have had Memberships shall be Graduate Members of the Association.

5.2.        Annual membership fee shall be determined by IVAcademy Council annually.

5.3.        An application form should be filled out.

5.4.        All members shall be entitled to enjoy all facilities provided by the IVAcademy, to take part in all its activities and to attend at the Annual Meetings held by the IVAcademy.

5.5.        Only Full Members shall be entitled to vote at all elections, Annual Meetings held by the IVAcademy, and to stand for election of the IVAcademy.

5.6.        Applications for membership made to the IVAcademyshall be accepted upon the applicant satisfying the requirements set out in this Constitution.  All members of the Association shall undertake to abide by the provisions of this Constitution.

Section 6                            Organization

6.1.        The ultimate authority in the IVAcademy shall be vested in the General Meeting.

6.2.        The legislation and the regulation of finance of the IVAcademy shall be vested in the General Meeting.

6.3.        Structure & Organization:  The General Meeting and the Executive Committee.

6.4.        Executive Committee: 

6.4.1.     Chairman

6.4.2.     Vice-Chairman (Internal)

6.4.3.     Vice-Chairman (External) 

6.4.4.     General Secretary

6.4.5.     Financial Secretary

6.4.6.     Academic Secretary

6.4.7.     Welfare Secretary

6.4.8.     Publications Secretary

6.4.9.     Publicity Secretary

6.4.10.  Sports Secretary

6.4.11.  Entertainment Secretary

Section 7                            The General Meeting

7.1.        An Annual General Meeting, being a general meeting of Members, shall be held once in each Academic Year, within the period between January 1 and the last day of February.

7.2.        The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:

7.2.1.     To receive and adopt the annual report of the Executive Committee;

7.2.2.     To receive and adopt the financial report of the Executive Committee;

7.2.3.     To elect the new cabinet of the Executive committee;

7.2.4.     To receive and adopt to approve the year plan of the Executive Committee; and

7.2.5.     To receive and adopt the financial budget of the Executive Committee.

7.3.   The Executive Committee shall give not less than five consecutive clear days’ notice for Annual General Meeting of members.  The notice shall be in writing and shall specify the date, time and venue of the meeting and the business to be transacted thereat.  Notice shall be given by posting the notice of meeting on the Official Notice Area as determined by the IVAcademy.

7.4.        General Meeting shall be convened in the presence of a Returning Officer.

7.5.        The Executive Committee shall give not less than three consecutive clear days’ notice for an Extraordinary General Meeting. Any resolution or requisition for an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be in writing and shall specify the resolution to be proposed at such meeting.

7.6.        The quorum for a General Meeting shall be 10% of members or 20 members of the IVAcademy, whichever is more.

7.7.        All the resolution passed by a General Meeting should be consistent with this Constitution.

Section 8                             Procedure at General Meeting

8.1.        No business shall be transacted at any General Meeting unless a quorum of members is present at the time when the meeting proceeds business and continues to be present until the conclusion of the meeting.

8.2.        The Chairperson or in his/her absence the Vice-Chairperson shall preside as the Chairperson at every General Meeting. If neither of them shall be present, the members present shall elect one of them to preside as the Chairperson of the General Meeting.

8.3.        The Secretary or in his/her absence the General Secretary shall preside as the Honorary Secretary at every General Meeting. If neither of them shall be present, the members present shall elect one of them to preside as the Honorary Secretary.

8.4.        The Chairperson of the General Meeting may, with the consent of the meeting at which a quorum is present (and shall if so directed by the meeting), adjourn the meeting from time to time and from place to place.

8.5.        The General Meeting shall be postponed in case of absence of the quorum for not less than 15 minutes. The date of the postponed meeting shall be determined by the Chairperson of the General Meeting and the announcement of the postponed meeting shall be made in accordance with this Constitution.

8.6.        No resolution shall be passed at any General Meeting other than the resolution specified in the notice of meeting. A resolution may be amended with the consent of a majority of the members present but no amendment shall be permitted which has the effect of substantially altering the meaning or intent of the original resolution. The Chairperson of the General Meeting shall not put to the meeting any amendment which he/she considers to have such effect.

8.7.        At any General Meeting a resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided by a show of hands, unless the meeting decides on a procedural motion to vote on the resolution by secret ballot, or unless the Chairperson of the General Meeting decides to do so in which a vote by secret ballot shall be held.

8.8.        Each member shall have one vote at any General Meeting. With the exceptions specified in 8.9, a simple majority shall in all cases be sufficient to carry or defeat a resolution. In the event of an equality of votes, the Chairperson of the General Meeting shall have a casting vote.

8.9.        In case of resolutions to amend the Constitution, remove any popularly elected office bearer of the Association, and dissolve the Association, a two-thirds majority is required.

Section 9             Interpretation and Amendment

9.1.        The interpretation of this Constitution shall rest with the General Meeting.

9.2.        In case there is no interpretation by the General Meeting or on particular provision of the Constitution, the Executive Committee shall have the power to interpret the particular provision of the Constitution with respect to its arbitration.

9.3.        An amendment to this Constitution may be made by a resolution of not less than two-thirds of the Full Members voting at a General Meeting for with proper notice has been given. The Executive Committee shall publish the Amended Constitution by posting on the Official Notice Areas as determined by the IVAcademy.

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